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Harsh Environmental Deckingâ„¢ (HED) is an extremely tough weather resistant polyvinyl-alloy formulation. It exhibits excellent durability regarding resistance to abrasion, chemicals and sunlight. It is used extensively in marine and storm-prone areas where an interlocking component design is required. This interlocking feature has the ability to create a watertight roof feature when installed in continous lengths. Standing water in low spots is eliminated due to a captive continous water channel at every interlock. The deckiing surface retains a slip resistant deep wood grain texture. HED is fastened normally to the deck support framwork with hidden stainless steel screws. Perimeter edgeing is trimmed out using HED perimeter edging caps.

The modular interlocking decking boards are available in standard 16',20',24' lengths. Extra long lengths up to 40' may be requested upon special order usually requiring 3 weeks lead time. Colors available are Shell White, Desert Tan, Thunder Grey and River Clay. Harsh Environmental Decking has a 20 year warranty against all part defects. Email or fax in job sketch with dimensions, desired color, job zipcode and contact information. Our Customer Service/Tech Support Group will then create an optimized material pricing worksheet and/or CAD sketch if required for clarification. The optimized worksheet and/or associated sketches will be emailed back to you usually within 30 minutes.

Installation assembly is straight-forward and designed for handymen and contractors. Screw gun and chop/miter saw are the basic required tools. Deck framework supporting joists should not exceed 16" o/c. Decking planks butted end to end must retain a spacing gap of 1/16" per every 12' to compensate for material expansion in hot climates. Harsh Environmental Decking colors are stead-fast and resistant to staining from oils, gasoline, phosphates and alkalines. Please visit the installation page for more detailed installation snapshots, sectional views and trimout edging. See Parts Material Worksheet for a list all available parts. For answers to your questions, contact our Customer Service / Tech Support Group. We will provide you with all technical, material pricing and shipping information. You may also send your information via email or fax (336-299-9949).

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