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Q1: What is the American Dry Deck system?

A1: American Dry Deck is a specifically engineered and designer styled watertight structural ceiling system that keeps the area beneath your outdoor deck clean, dry and usable. Its patented engineering features control the collected debris and water flushing itself through the "rivering V channels" located on both sides of each arched ceiling panel draining to standard guttering located at each end of the ceiling. When the rain stops, all moisture is dried out by continous air movement, unrestricted air that circulates the entire Dry deck ceiling system (i.e. Dry Deck). All of the engineered components are made of a highly weatherable and durable polyvinyl alloy. The system is engineered to withstand severe loading from very strong wind, heavy snow and ice laden conditions. Designers and architects specify this system extensively at ocean front homes, lake properties and mountain chalets where these type of weather conditions are very prominent. American Dry Deck's finely textured ceiling panels present a soft gentle appearance and are available in Shell White and Desert Tan. Aesthetically, the Dry Deck designers achieved the classic acrhitectural styling of multi-paneled cathedral arches stretching gently overhead. The presence of this style accentuates the open and spacous feeling of generous headroom. The ceiling occupies only 3-1/2 inches in total height. It attaches completely below the deck's structural framework using 3" deck screws. American Dry Deck's modular interlocking components never need sealants or caulking. During an installation by the handyman, contractor or whoever, all water from all sides and corners of the area to be dried in, is directed to land on top of the ceiling system by standard flashing techniques. The structural watertight system is designed to handle the most demanding of situations and environments. Use our toll free Technical Support/Sales Customer Service Center to answer all your questions. Also, fax in your sketch if you would like, we will be glad to draw out the American Dry Deck layout for your application.

Q2: What are the advantages of American Dry Deck over the other systems on the market?

A2: Let us list the advantages by points and also be sure to read our "ADD Advantages" page:
* It does not require the use of sealants and caulking to maintain the watertight ceiling, no matter what the volume of water, snow or ice. It can expand and contract to give and go and be disassembled and reassembled and always remain watertight.
* It is an "open" ceiling system. This means, that unlike the other systems, air can freely circulate completely in between all components of the system and around the guttering system. It is very important that your ceiling system can thoroughly dry out after a rainstorm and does not retain moisture.This means you must have air movement, not just static air for evaporation.
* It is maintenance free. The self-cleaning ceiling system remains free of debris due to its patented "rivering" V channels located on either side of the arched ceiling panels. During heavy rains, these sharp V channels concentrate the fast flowing water providing head pressure required to wash away deposited debris, such as pine needles, pin oaks leaves, dirt, etc. This debris is flushed into the gutters located on either end of the ceiling system. Being that gutters are flat bottomed they do not lend themselves to be self-cleaning, so when they accumulate debris simply use your garden hose to flush them out. All guttering is open from the front and fully accessible all along the entire length.
* American Dry Deck is extremely easy to install for the handyman, very straight-forward and simplistic. The system is totally dependable and while providing a significant enhancement to the home. Homeowner's and Builders call it a truely quality product in the home improvement and building industry.
* Its highly durable polyvinyl alloy will not chip or dent and will always retain its color if scratched. It is engineered for use in harsh saltwater applications so it will not corrode like aluminium and is specifically built to withstand high wind loads, heavy snows and ice laden conditions.
* Being that this system handles these weather elements directly, it is also used in canopy applications, such as boat dock and walkway covers, great around ocean resorts and lakes properties.
* To understand more on what makes the American Dry Deck the top quality product in the builders and home improvement marketplace, please read the LINKED pages listed in the upper left menu of this page.

Q3: Can I add ceiling fans, lights and porch swings under my ceiling?

A3: Absolutely. Use our Ceiling Fan Kit for an easy installation. Eyebolts and round electrical cable are simply routed through a rubber grommet located at the crest of the ceiling panel to maintain a watertight seal. Remember, this ceiling system unlocks and relocks back together without requiring sealants, so you can always get into the system at any time and add what you want after the ceiling has been installed for years to come.

Q4: Can I purchase American Dry Deck in different colors?

A4: Besides the most popular Ceiling "Shell" White color, American Dry Deck also sells a "Desert Tan", a light colored tan, for the earth tone alternative. Asthetically, many designers choose to accent whatever the ceiling color with a different color guttering system. This presents a handsome and elegant look with a designer feel. Look for a picture of this in the website.

Q5: If I use a deck stain or a water seal treatment on my deck's boards above, will it damage the ceiling system below?

A5: No. These are mild solvent-based products and will not damage or penetrate the heavy-duty polyvinyl alloy ceiling panels. If you scratch up a Locking Cap during the installation, we reccomend using lacquer thinner, a very strong solvent, to clean it up. If you ever need to pressure wash it, thats no problem either. This structural material is extremely damage resistant.

Q6: Where can I get the Dry Deck system and how much will it cost?

A6: You may purchase it through one of our distributors or directly from us depending on if there is a distributor that captures your area. To see if there is a distributor that possesses your zipcode, just give our Customer Service center a call at 888-416-7168. They will be able to direct you and answer any questions you may have. Pricing is not listed on this website and is available only through Customer Service.

Q7: We would like to become a local distributor of the American Dry Deck product in our area. What are the benefits and requirements of becoming an authorized American Dry Deck Distributor?

Benefits: American Dry Deck Distributors receive a number of benefits including discounted pricing on product, exclusive geographical territories, and sales leads from our Customer Service Group. We also provide our distributors with Cad installation sketches and material distributor pricing worksheets for the Distributor's American Dry Deck jobs. American Dry Deck will also drop-ship directly to the Distributor's job site or warehouse location.
Requirements: Distributors are required to promote the American Dry Deck product in their territory. At least 3 times a year, the Distributor must advertise the American Dry Deck product. Recommended media are direct mail, billboards, other outdoor advertising, newspaper inserts, flyers, circulars, yellow pages, and radio and television spots. Distributors must exhibit the American Dry Deck product in at least 1 trade show in their territory a year and maintain a display of the product on their business premises. Distributors must also advertise the product on their website. All advertisments and business cards must be approved by American Dry Deck prior to use.
Please download and complete our Distributor Application and let us know what zip code areas you are interested in serving. If the application is approved, our corporate office will forward our distributor contract to you for signature. Please forward your request to of fax to 336-553-0268.

Q8: I am a good handyman, is this product to much for me and a helper to install?

A8:This product is specifically designed to be installed by individuals who have not installed it before. Some homeowners have to rely on their trusted builder, contractor or neighbor they know to perform the installation. Just read the Contractor's Corner section on this website to understand all the details of the installation. The inside of the brochure is usually all that is needed. If you understand water management pretty well, you'll breeze right through everything.

Q9: How is the American Dry Deck product guaranteed?

A9: You have a limited 20 year warranty against all American Dry Deck components and its patented interlocking parts. The interlockiing parts are always guaranteed fully watertight.

Q10: If I need help or have technical questions who do I call?

A10: Always call Customer Service at 888-416-7168. We handle everything from this Service Center. Fax or email in a sketch of the deck and we will create a Cad sketch of the Dry Deck ceiling system layout or the Harsh Environment Decking layout and send email it back to you usually within 8 hours. (Monday-Friday 8am-7pm EST and 8am-2pm Saturdays).